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Project Team Collaboration Tips – How Teams Work Together

How can project teams collaborate? Are there a few collaboration tips that let managers simplify team building activities and establish team collaboration? In this article we’ll focus on several keys tips on establishing effective team collaboration. We’ll also describe how team collaborators with solutions for document management, meeting management, virtual team management and communications management.

project manager interviewing

How to Interview Project Management Candidates

Let’s imagine you’re in charge of interviewing skilled project management candidates for a vacancy on the leader of your project team. PM interviewing is a responsible duty that you should carry out to recruit an effective project manager able to manage your project throughout the life cycle and lead the team. How to select project management candidates and choose the best one? Which selection criteria should you use to interview prospective candidates and measure their skills? In this article I’ll talk about four core personal skills that PM candidates should have in order to become an effective project manager. By understanding these skills, it’ll be no more a problem for you to find and employ the best PM candidate. This article is a short guide for recruiters and employers who need to know what key personal characteristics PM candidates must demonstrate to become effective project managers.

Tool for Successful Business Strategic Planning – Business Management Strategy

Tool for Successful Business Strategic Planning – Business Management Strategy

Business strategic planning refers to the art of planning and managing business activities at the highest possible level in a profit organization. Within the business management discipline, it takes one of the central roles to develop a business management strategy and implement the business management process. Business strategic planning focuses on establishing a solid underlying framework for business management activities through organizing, directing and controlling the business implementation. As a rule, it’s the matter of a company’s top management to build a successful strategy for business management and control the implementation.

ERP implementation planning

Tips to Successful ERP Implementation Planning

During the recession, many attempts to plan and follow an ERP implementation strategy have been put on hold. Today we’re getting out of the recession, and developing a successful ERP implementation planning strategy becomes one of the prioritized management activities in many business companies.


Business Management System (BMS) – Definition and Functional Groups

Within the business management discipline, the term “Business Management System” is used to describe the high-level tools for strategic business planning and implementation. The Business Management System term gives a description of the foundation for initiating business activities, making critical decisions, introducing business solutions, and employing business tactics. In this article, the definition of Business Management System and the functional groups within its structure are outlined.