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Six Sigma in Project Management - Definition and Success Factor

Six Sigma in Project Management – Definition, Cycle, Success Factors

The method of Six Sigma in project management (PM) determines a specific set of practices and business strategies that enable organizations to enhance the quality of their products/services and to exploit process improvement opportunities. The definition and implementation of Six Sigma method within business environment let establish the DMAIC cycle and follow best practices of quality control and assurance. Many companies today prefer this method to traditional project management, regardless of the failure rate that ranges from 35% to 75% of all Lean and Six Sigma projects. Furthermore, those companies need to consider the critical success factors and find out how to perform their improvement programmes using the popular approach.

Critical Path Method in Project Management – Definition, MS Excel Example

Critical Path Method in Project Management – Definition, MS Excel Example

Critical path in project management is one of the most popular methods to plan and control work. It helps project managers to figure out the most important or critical tasks...

Tips Managing Programs Successfully

Tips on Managing Programs Successfully

Success in managing a program greatly depends on how well each related project is performed and whether all possible conflicts with other related projects are resolved early. In my experience in managing programs successfully I see that today’s normal business environment requires team leaders to carry out multiple projects in parallel, while those individuals should also take care of superior customer service and acceptable team performance. And a company that succeeds in managing parallel projects will outpace the competition. Thus, successful program management is a competitive edge and essential for business growth. Here I suggest you 5 tips on how to manage a program successfully.

improve pm skills

Improving Project Management Skills

How can I expand my project management knowledge? What options do I have? Project managers, who’re eager to learn more, look for answers to these questions. For those people PM is the focal point of their career. If you are one of those people and want to improve your project management skills, you need to be ready to devote much of your energy to the improvement process. Here are top 5 considerations to help you develop your skills and abilities.