How to Motivate Millennial Employees to Relocate

How to Motivate Millennial Employees to Relocate

Encouraging employee relocation is potentially tricky, as there are some tactics which will work well with certain individuals, while failing to click with others.

If you want to motivate your millennial workforce to take the plunge and relocate, here are just a few angles to try.

Give them an incentive

Incentivising a major move with benefits and a potential salary increase is sensible in any context, but it is worth noting that millennials have different needs and expectations to older generations.

For example, they are more interested in working flexibly, so you could tempt them to relocate by giving them the opportunity to set their own hours, work from home more and thus strike a better balance between their professional responsibilities and their personal life.

Whatever incentives you choose to implement, be sure to consider the tax implication of any changes, and consult a relocation tax guide to make sure those who move are not struck by any unexpected expenses after they arrive.

Recognize their achievements to instill loyalty

If an employee is loyal to an organization and engaged with their role within it, they will be more inclined to stick around and do their part for as long as possible, even if that means relocating.

The only way to foster these positive feelings is to make sure that millennial workers receive the recognition they deserve for their achievements within the business. This can include face-to-face commendation of their actions on a one-on-one basis, as well as public celebration of the goals they have reached.

Of course this will not guarantee that a given employee will relocate when the request comes through, but it will mean that there is a greater chance of them agreeing.

Plot out a path for career progression

Millennial employees will want to relocate if doing so will let them further their career ambitions, but of course rather than making vague promises about what might lie in wait further down the line, it is best to formalize this as much as possible.

Whether that means letting them participate in a mentorship scheme after the move, or giving them a promotion that goes along with the relocation, such concrete examples of career progression will be a major selling point.

Cut to the chase and make an offer

Millennials appreciate frankness and authenticity in their managers, so rather than beating around the bush and spending an age wondering whether or not you should even offer them a relocation opportunity, it is better to come out as soon as possible and ask if they would be interested.

There are lots of reasons behind the changing expectations of millennial workers, including the lower levels of home ownership meaning that they are more willing to entertain the idea of moving for work. But no matter the motivation, simply being made aware that they could shift their lives to another part of the continent or a different global region altogether could work its magic as a prospect all alone.

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