Author: Jack Grabovski

Top 9 Traits of an Excellent Project Team Member

Top 9 Traits of an Excellent Team Player

In other words, if everyone’s a great team player, then there’s nothing this group of people can’t achieve. If not, even the simplest project can and will go sideways. But what does it mean to be an excellent collaborator? Let’s take a closer look at the nine traits that define one – and why becoming one should matter to you.

Owning a Dental Practice – A Few Management Aspects

Owning a Dental Practice – A Few Management Aspects

Dentists are health-care practitioners who deliver care to patients ranging from education and government institutions to private cleanings and restorations. Dentists are experts in oral health, they spend years in dental schools to become professional health-care providers. They also have access to continuing education opportunities to further improve and polish their clinical skills.

Addressing the Skills Gap, or How to Retain Talents

Hiring professionals for new jobs or replacing those workers who have left is challenging for many companies, especially for those specializing in manufacturing and distribution. Today almost 80% of hiring managers and HR professionals cannot find necessary talents to fill critical project roles.