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Project Management and Marketing: How to Promote a Project?

PM and Marketing: How to Promote a Project?

Undoubtedly, effective project management (PM) is critical to project success. A project manager needs to be well skilled and have a broad experience in PM in order to succeed at project execution. However, in today’s normal business environment traditional PM skills and abilities (such as leadership, communication, delegation, etc.) are no longer enough; project managers must also be good at marketing in order to promote their projects and be sure they do the things right and get closer to success… In other words, in today’s business environment marketing and project management are closely tied. Moreover, marketing has already become a built-in module of the PM framework, and so no success can be reached without right marketing tactics… In this article, I’m going to describe several marketing tactics that can help project managers keep their projects promoted and accelerated.

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Achieving Business Value through Talent Management in 3 Steps

Achieving business value is a real challenge that requires companies to improve their talent pool and employee management policies. Effective talent management plays one of the central roles that determine the success of strategic objectives and goals of the businesses in mid- and long-term outlook. In this article we talk about 3 steps for achieving business value through managing talents.