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business value through talent management

Achieving Business Value through Talent Management in 3 Steps

Achieving business value is a real challenge that requires companies to improve their talent pool and employee management policies. Effective talent management plays one of the central roles that determine the success of strategic objectives and goals of the businesses in mid- and long-term outlook. In this article we talk about 3 steps for achieving business value through managing talents.

effective talent management in 4 steps

Checklist: Effective Talent Management in Four Steps

It’s nearly impossible to make a business flourishing and highly competitive without effective talent management in place. Human resources are the driving power of any business, and talent management helps managers and owners to retain workforce, develop employee skills and improve team performance. Effective talent management allows filling up the skill gap and avoiding performance reductions through recruiting talented employees and developing competencies and knowledge of existing workforce. Managing talents and competencies of employees can be presented as a consistent process that consists of the four key steps, such as Recruitment, Retention, Development and Performance. Each of the steps of effective talent management can divided into sub-steps that better characterize the process and its essence. In this article we present a checklist for carrying out the process in the four key steps.