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project prioritization process

Project Prioritization Process: Definition and Ranking Criteria

The need for project prioritization appears when an organization has two or more either independent or dependent (portfolio) projects that are performed in parallel. How to identify the most preferable projects for implementation at the given point of time? Finally, how to be sure that the right projects are being performed? In this article we are going to answer all these critical questions.

Key Project Management Challenges

Handling Key Project Management Challenges by Setting Right Priorities

Key project management challenges are those obstacles that prevent successful completion of the project, and one of the efficient ways to remove the obstacles is to apply right PM priorities to tasks and objectives of the project. Key PM challenges do not allow moving the project forward and delivering expected results. An ability of the project manager to solve key PM problems and issues by defining right PM priorities will let the project to be accomplished on time and as expected. In this article we tried to break the myth of unsolvable challenges and show you what basic steps can be take to apply right priorities.