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Owning a Dental Practice – A Few Management Aspects

Owning a Dental Practice – A Few Management Aspects

Dentists are health-care practitioners who deliver care to patients ranging from education and government institutions to private cleanings and restorations. Dentists are experts in oral health, they spend years in dental schools to become professional health-care providers. They also have access to continuing education opportunities to further improve and polish their clinical skills.

top 10 project leadership skills

Project Manager’s Top 10 Skills to Be an Effective Leader

A good project manager always knows for sure how to be effective in managing teams. That person has a certain set of skills and talents that make him/her an effective project leader. But what are those leadership qualities? How to be good at project leadership? Below I give a list of the top 10 skills that every project manager must possess and develop in order to be an effective leader. The skills are listed in rank order, according to their importance.

project manager's 5 skills

Top 5 Skills of a Great Project Manager

Greater project managers are those people who are committed to developing their skills needed in managing their projects and activities. Although there is a long list of abilities and skills that constitute effective project management, I want to highlight the most essential ones that help me keep my projects effective. In this article, I list my top 5 skills that I try to improve every day to become a great project manager.