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idea protection checklist

A Checklist for Business Idea Protection

Having a truly original for your business is not enough for successful start of your company because there is a strong need to protect it. Business idea protection is a strategically important activity of efficient small business management that requires you to know how to protect a business idea and secure your intellectual property. If you don’t protect your idea, other people are likely to steal it from you and then your business won’t be unique and even not effective. Just imagine: you have invented a method for recycling and established a recycling company that today takes care of removing and recycling all the garbage from the streets of your city. But somehow your competitors have stolen your recycling technology and started using it. Now you are not so competitive as you were and you lose your money.

Top management skills of good managers

Best Management Skills to Be the Best Manager

The best management skills are those abilities that let a person perform required job duties while avoiding crisis situations and mitigating the risk of failure. The development of the best management skills is a required task of every manager who wants to achieve success in his/her undertakings. Let’s consider top 5 must-have of a successful manager.