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5 ways project management can benefit from IoT

5 Ways Project Management can Benefit from IoT

As devices get interconnected with each other, and cloud systems are used to store data in the long run, managing resources and projects has got more comfortable. In the end, project managers have been enabled to deliver much more in the same timeframe with the Internet of Things and other emerging technologies.

PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology Overview

PRINCE2 Methodology Overview

The PRINCE2 methodology regards project management as a series of logical processes and procedures to create a well-controlled project environment. It provides a process-based approach that is applicable to all types of projects. Being originally developed in the United Kingdom as a standard of IT project management, today the method is widely used in many countries over the world because it provides the standardized suite of processes and procedures for safe, controlled and efficient planning and implementation of projects. Let’s learn more about the PRINCE2 methodology.

Value Management in project

Value Management in Projects – Definition and Goals

In the broadest sense, value management defines a process of delivering some benefit to a client. When we talk about project implementation, delivery of expected results, and organization of activities, value management concerns the benefits the customer derives from successfully implementing a given project.