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Ten Meeting Management Tips for Markedly Improved Productivity

Many times what should be productive planning meetings turn into unproductive arguments or complete timewasters. Sometimes, as the person leading the meeting, you can spend more time diffusing bickering or trying to get people to stay focused on the topic than you do cultivating productivity. A more conductive environment can be encouraged if a few management tips are kept in mind before, during, and after the meetings.

Create a meeting agenda

Creating a Meeting Agenda

A good agenda helps improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of any meeting; however it is frequently one of the most overlooked parts in the event planning process. Creating a meeting agenda can be compared to passing an examination when you need to complete all the tests in order to get the highest grades. In case one or more items are not completed you get lower grades; the same way, if you fail to include all necessary items in your agenda template the meeting is likely to be held ineffectively, with no expected results achieved.