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ERP PM approach

An Activity-Based Approach to ERP Project Implementation

ERP project management involves a set of processes and tools for keeping ERP project implementation on schedule, managing project costs, building and maintaining beneficial relationships with vendors and suppliers, and avoiding ERP project failure through ensuring successful utilization and regular update of ERP project management software. In this post we will talk about an activity-based approach to ERP project implementation. We will review the five steps (or activities) of this approach. The information in this article will be helpful to ERP project managers and other professionals who can use the approach to control the critical phases of planning for a new ERP project implementation system.

ERP implementation planning

Tips to Successful ERP Implementation Planning

During the recession, many attempts to plan and follow an ERP implementation strategy have been put on hold. Today we’re getting out of the recession, and developing a successful ERP implementation planning strategy becomes one of the prioritized management activities in many business companies.