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teamwork with agile approach

Ensuring Teamwork with the Agile Approach

It is nearly impossible to do a project without effective teamwork. The term “teamwork” means the process of acting collaboratively with a group of people in order to accomplish a shared objective. Teamwork creates and shapes the collaborative effort the team makes to move the project to success. However, it is complicated enough and brings a set of challenges. In this article I’m going to describe three components of the Agile approach that can help project managers team up their people and ensure effective collaboration.

team collaboration tips

Project Team Collaboration Tips – How Teams Work Together

How can project teams collaborate? Are there a few collaboration tips that let managers simplify team building activities and establish team collaboration? In this article we’ll focus on several keys tips on establishing effective team collaboration. We’ll also describe how team collaborators with solutions for document management, meeting management, virtual team management and communications management.

Managing virtual teams

Virtual Teams – Definition, Management, Benefits, and Improvement

Today most business organizations involved in project management prefer building virtual teams and remote groups for managing outsourced projects and overseas activities. Virtual team management appears to be the way to organize and coordinate the activities of team members being in different locations. The importance of virtual team management and building takes the primary role when there’s a need to control the effort and time of remote workers.