PM Toolkit

Start discovering the world of project management with learning the frequently asked questions. PM FAQ provides you with a set of the most popular questions and answers about project management.
PM Basics
Are you new to the discipline of project management? Do you want to learn the fundamentals of PM to start managing your projects efficiently? The PM Basics will help you explore the world of project management.
PM Guidelines
By reading these Guidelines you will find out how to efficiently plan, manage and control your projects in terms of cost, risks, human resources, communications, and procurements. The Guidelines has been developed following the ideas of PMBOK, 4-th edition.
Implementation Guide
No matter whether you’re an experienced project manager or just starting learning the PM discipline you can use this action guide to learn to efficiently implement your projects and handle such constraints such as scope, time, quality, risk and resources.
Templates and Checklists
Efficient project management is reached by those managers who use various templates and checklists of tasks for saving their time and effort when planning and doing various projects. Read the Templates and Checklists to start managing your projects efficiently.