How to Launch Startup when you’re a College Student

How to launch startup when you’re a college student

Since you’re launching your startup in school, focusing on what students need is best. You are in a better position to know what a student would need to make their life more enjoyable. Something as simple as an affordable entertainment solution allows a student to blow off steam after a long day.

10 Challenges and Solutions in Agile Project Management

10 Challenges and Solutions in Agile Project Management

Agile project management has a lot of benefits for any kind of company, by providing more alignment between departments, ease of adaptability of new measures, and quicker project turnovers. By understanding the top 10 challenges in agile project management, it becomes easier to avoid them or solve them and have a smooth transition to a newer way of managing projects.

Best Online Project Management Courses

7 Best Online Project Management Courses

There is a shard of truth in every joke. Being a project manager is a responsible and tough job but everything is not so bad. Today, we are going to dive deeper into the essence of this position and offer you 7 online courses that can introduce you to the profession and enhance your existing skills.

Notepad ++ plugins

Top-8 plugins for Notepad++ for indie developers and project teams

the most attractive thing about Notepad++ downloaded from the is the long list of preloaded plugins it comes with, as well as many others that can be downloaded from various sources. This article provides a list of the top plugins for Notepad++ to help indie developers and software teams code their projects.