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Project KPI Hierarchy

Use Project KPI Library to Improve Performance Analysis

As the discipline of project management intensively develops and today serves the key to business success, more and more organizations realize that extended knowledge of this discipline impacts their bottom line and exposes improvement areas in cost accounting and performance analysis. Companies use project performance analysis to discover and fix financial problems early, accurately account for business costs, and explore better ways to improve staff productivity. Project KPIs and metrics are used as the basis for effective business decision making. In order to succeed, each manager needs to use a project KPI library that makes performance analysis easier.

Factors that Make a Low-Performing Team Achieve Higher Performance

Performance including ways to improve it is one of the key concerns of managing product teams. When an executive considers what constraints have the greatest impact on team functioning and product development, basically this individual needs to explore five factors common to most high-performing teams. As multiple surveys indicate, those five factors determine approximately 70% of success. In case they not considered and addressed appropriately, the likelihood that a low-performing team achieves higher performance is only 3.5 %. In this article we investigate the factors and provide tips to improve team performance

How to improve team performance

Tips on Improving Team Performance

Team skills improvement is one of the most challenging management activities to make a team environment more productive and enhance team performance through motivation, training, rewarding, etc. Through improving team cohesion and skills, managers and team leaders can build a better rapport with team members and increase their performance. In this article we will talk about four basic tips on improving team skills and enhancing team performance. We’ll talk about team skills classification that determines two categories of team skills.