Project Management


The “Project Management Guidelines” section of the MyMG website is designed to help all the people (like project managers, team leaders, supervisors, etc.) involved in planning and controlling various project activities to successfully step through all the stages and phases of the project life-cycle. It offers a complete suite of recommendations, tips and ideas to take a project from initiation and planning through successful completion and closure.

The Benefit

The benefit of reading the PM Guidelines is that you gain a clear insight into popular methods, tools and techniques that help efficiently carry out project activities and processes. You can use it in both personal and group training in order to create a better understanding of project planning and implementation among the people you work with.

The information in the “Project Management Guidelines” section is organized into several topics that you can read step-by-step in order to learn how to successfully manage your project, from the initiation through the implementation. All the topics fit into the structure of the knowledge areas stated in the PMBOK Guide.