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MyManagementGuide.com (“MyMG”) is an online knowledge base for project management. Our website provides guides and instruction material about project management through Articles, Guidelines, How-to Guides, Templates, and other tutorials.

We think that anyone can become or act a project manager if that person follows the rules and principles of project management in planning and delivering any endeavors and initiatives. This website shares this thinking and aims to provide you with essential guidelines, lessons learned, suggestions, and best practices. The purpose of the website is to help you become a project manager who understands how to best manage your business or personal activities.

MyManagementGuide.com has been launched in April 2010. Today our website remains one of the most popular resources about project management for anyone. We’re so glad to see that its popularity grows from day to day. We continue maintaining and developing MyMG to help professional project managers and other people involved in various management practices to gain insight into the art of managing projects, business and life.

The content of our website is written and designed in the way that makes project management easier for understanding. We try to make our articles clear and comprehensive.

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