Step-By-Step 2020 Guide On How To Be A Project Manager In The UK

If you’re thinking about becoming a project manager, there are a lot of things to consider before embarking on the journey. It’s one of the most sought-after positions in the employment arena today, especially on platforms such as JobRapido, and we have the must follow steps to help you on your way below.

Is The Role Suitable?

If you’re planning on moving in another direction in your career, whatever that may be, the first thing to do is work out whether the role is suitable to you as an individual. It will involve doing a fair amount of research to ensure you’re making the right decision in terms of embarking on an entirely new career. You’ll need to know the ins and outs of being a project manager, what the role entails, the expectations, and the pressure they will be under to deliver.

Choosing An Industry

As with many other job roles, being a project manager is in demand in multiple sectors. From construction through to IT, project managers will find their skills are needed, so, focusing on one specific industry could prove to be beneficial. It will allow for increased specialisation, which in turn will likely yield further work in the sector as well. It also leads us to our next point about qualifications.

Getting Qualifications

Going out and obtaining qualifications to become a project manager is recommended, although it isn’t a requirement. However, if an individual had skills of some sort to support their desire to become a project manager, they are more likely to achieve their goal. They’ll likely have the pick of the projects, and if they have specialised in their studies at some point, they will be in an even stronger position.

Adding Experience

You can have all the qualifications and determination in the world, but one thing those new to project management will lack is experience. Everyone must start somewhere, however, and therefore many project managers in the UK will begin in roles such as assistant project manager. It allows them to pick up the vital experience they need before spearheading projects themselves.

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Doing The Admin

If you’ve followed the step-by-step guide in some way, shape or form, by now, you will have everything you need to become a project manager. There are several pieces of admin you will need to complete before taking the final step, however. You’ll need to sort out your tax situation with the HMRC in the UK. While also bearing in mind that getting some form of insurance and joining a professional body such as the Association for Project management is also crucial.

Look For Work

When all the above is complete, the final step is to get yourself out there into the working world. By now, you should be ready to take on your first project, and utilising platforms such as LinkedIn and JobRapido will help you find work. It’s important to show potential employers what you’re all about, so, make sure to go the extra mile when searching for a project management role.

MyMG Team

We are a small group of professionals specializing in project management. We wish you success in your career, business, studies, or whatever else you think is worth your time and effort—we are pleased to know that our advice is helpful.

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