Infographics: Optimism Causes Growth Opportunities for Small Business in 2014

Optimism drives business success. When you truly believe in a bright future of your small business, you are ready to take the first steps to achieving your ultimate success. And actually your positive thinking and attitude creates new opportunities for business growth.

Coming out of Recession

As you may know, during 2008-2013 the overall financial situation around small business in the United States has significantly worsened in terms of weak cash flow, low capital spending, reduced revenue, poor investment activity, and some other critical factors. However, in 2014 leading economists are observing a sharp increase of small business activity, which is primarily caused by optimism.

Particularly, the latest survey conducted by California Bank & Trust states that this 2014 year U.S. entrepreneurs are feeling more positive about their small business than they have been during the recession in several past years.

Over 86% of the respondents said that “their business is heading to the right direction.” In fact, their optimism and their believing in a better future – despite recent government regulations and the California droughts – create a strong foundation for growth opportunities.

The following infographics gives a better idea about growth opportunities in U.S. small business, including investment, financial needs, customer service, and others.

Via: California Bank & Trust Business Banking

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